Hydroponic gardens of Year 5

Mar 29, 2017 by Comunicación Category: Noticias Generales 0 comments

Hydroponics is a cultivation system that uses water instead of soil, making use of water, sunlight, fertilizer, seeds and a few pots. It is a system that is quickly becoming popular because of its simplicity and the ability it gives people to cultivate anywhere- even in their flats in the city centre! The students of year 5 are currently learning about these benefits in their Natural Science classes, and most importantly, the importance of sustainability in today´s world. Each student is learning how to cultivate different plants like basil, cilantro, parsley and many different types of lettuce. As they assimilate the process of becoming self sufficient, they will also learn many other skills, like the benefits of knowing how to produce their own food at home, sustainability, saving water, the responsible use of electricity, and of course indoor gardening! Each day we will be monitoring the growth of our plants and integrating this project to all units in our book as a living example of the Natural Science world, we are hoping for some amazing results!

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