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Colegio : A vision of the Character Goals
on 02.10.15 (56 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowCharacter Goals are a key instrument in shaping the character of the students and promoting the acquisition of human virtues. To reinforce and support the importance that they have, we will be showing videos of them to explain visually how to improve these goals. Here you have the video of the older students and the video of the Primary students.

Colegio : Inscripción para las Actividades Extraescolares 2015-2016
on 16.09.15 (166 reads)

En este enlace se encuentran los links para descargar el folleto y acceder al formulario.

Colegio : The start of a new school year: a year of celebrations.
on 10.09.15 (196 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowWe have started a new year at last. The classrooms and corridors come back to life with the arrival of our pupils. Everything was in place to begin another year. As always, the main characters in the new year are the pupils from Year 1 who start what will be 12 years at Retamar. Joining Retamar in the same year that we celebrate our Fiftieth Anniversary: these boys clearly have something special.

Colegio : Moscú 6. Despedida y cierre.
on 29.07.15 (361 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowHemos quitado toda la pintura de nuestra querida Matilde, y hemos pintado a cambio una habitación entera (además de algunas camisetas que han decorado con mucho acierto Kike Iber y su equipo de pintores).

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Colegio : Football: Valiant runners-up in the Comunidad de Madrid
on 24.06.15 (317 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowLast June 21st, the Retamar Under-16 team played the regional final against Atlético de Madrid in the town of Alcalá de Henares. Despite losing 2-nil, a great game was seen and our players offered a fantastic level of play. It was the only game to be lost this season. Naturally, the atmosphere among the Retamar parents was incomparable. A great success. Well done!

Colegio : Year 3 father-son get-together
on 14.06.15 (285 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowPupils from year 3 had a get-together in Parquelagos last weekend, where they had sports, night games and swimming competitions. Their fathers joined in on Friday evening and the rest of the family came along on Saturday to enjoy a paella made for 250 people. See picture gallery.

Colegio : Our Year 6 pupils bid farewell to Primary
on 05.06.15 (296 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowLast Friday, June 5th, our Year 6 pupils said goodbye to Primary. The day began with a thanksgiving to the Virgin Mary with the offering of flowers and Holy Mass in honour of how much Our Lady has looked after each pupil throughout these last six years at Retamar. During the academic act, we were treated to speeches from the class Prefects who thanked their teachers and families.

Colegio : Great celebration, great families.
on 01.06.15 (719 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowThanks to all of you who took part in the huge celebration we had on Saturday morning. This link will take you to a gallery of pictures taken by José Gefaell, the father of several pupils at the School and is a fitting testimony to the great morning we all had.

Colegio : All set for Prize-Giving Day 2015
on 26.05.15 (588 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowThis coming Saturday, May 30st, we will hold our annual Prize-Giving Day event in the company of families and teachers. Everything is set for us to enjoy the various activities, exhibitions, games and of course, the parade of our Past Pupils of the Class of 1990.

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Colegio : Retamar´s got talent
on 23.05.15 (271 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowLast Friday 22nd, our Year 4 pupils celebrated their "Retamar’s got talent" song contest. Lots of families took delight in seeing their children on-stage. See here for photos.

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