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Capellanía : Fiesta de todos los santos
on 31.10.14 (85 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowEn el Blog de Capellanía se puede encontrar un artículo interesante sobre la conmemoración de la Fiesta de Todos los Santos el próximo día 1 de noviembre y la de Todos los Fieles difuntos, el día 2. En contraste con la celebración de Halloween, conviene entender bien esta celebración.

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Agrupación de Antiguos Alumnos : Three prizes in the Young Scientists Competition
on 30.10.14 (125 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowThree past-pupils who completed their studies at Retamar last year, have been awarded prizes in the 23rd edition of the Young Scientists Competition announced by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport and the Ministry for Health, Social Services and Equality.

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Noticias : Desde el Camino de Santiago
on 20.10.14 (231 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new window60 alumnos de 4º de ESO, hemos cubierto la primera etapa del Camino de Santiago. A su vez, hoy salen de Madrid otros 60 alumnos los cuales mañana veremos en el albergue de Portomarín, donde nos encontramos actualmente.

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Noticias : Two School Teams in the National Robotics Finals
on 20.10.14 (189 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowOn Saturday October 11th, the local phase of the world Robotics Olympiad was held at Conectalab in Rivas-Vaciamadrdid. Several Retamar teams took part and progressed to the national stage in Barcelona on October 19th. Those taking part were our Year 9 team (Jaime Novales, Fernando del Pino and Iñigo Ríos) and our year 6 team (Juan Álvarez, Sebastián Barril, Guillermo Canosa, Diego de Cominges, Gonzalo de Miguel, Javier Sánchez Vadillo, Javier Sánchez-Bonilla, Javier Sánchez-Collado and Pelayo Trevijano). Click here for Photo Gallery.

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Noticias : Over a hundred Year 10 pupils on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.
on 13.10.14 (141 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowAs every year, final preparations are being made for the Way of Saint James. This year and for the first time ever, more than a hundred pupils will walk the final 115 kilometres to lay their intentions and those of all Retamar families at the feet of the Apostle.

Colegio : The Anniversary Mile Run
on 11.10.14 (374 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowAlmost 1,400 pupils took part in the traditional Mile Run that marks the anniversary of the opening of Retamar and thus put a sparkling end to a week of festivities. The winners from Year 2 upwards were the following: Alfonso Cerezo, Pelayo José Marqués, Ignacio García Villar, Miguel Sánchez, Javier Olmedo, Pablo Sancho, Carlos de Abajo, Guillermo García, Gonzalo Rivera, Bosco Elizalde, y Pablo Guerrero. You can visit the gallery or check out the finishers’ list.

Colegio : 48th Anniversary Mile Run
on 10.10.14 (264 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new window

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Today, October 10th, we celebrate the 48th anniversary of the School’s opening. As usual on this day our pupils from Year 2 upwards take part in the traditional mile run. Today also sees the start of our countdown towards the 50th anniversary of the School, the celebration of which will begin next year. Congratulations to all who belong to this great family!

Colegio : A different way of getting close to the Virgin Mary
on 03.10.14 (142 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowAmong all these fantastic days we are having at school, our Retamar athletes could not help but make a little gesture to the Virgin Mary in the best way they know how: bestowing on Our Lady a 10 kilometre run as part of the relay race that starts at Tajamar College and finishes at the sanctuary of Torreciudad.

Colegio : A Festive Week at Retamar
on 02.10.14 (199 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowThe same as last year, in the next few days we will be celebrating “A Week of Festivities” thereby establishing what is to become a new tradition here at the school, owing to the three special dates that will never fade from our memories.
On October 2nd we celebrate the founding of Opus Dei 86 years ago; the second date is also closely associated with the history of the Work: an unforgettable October 6th when 12 years ago on that day Pope John Paul II was to canonise Saint Josemaría in St. Peter’s Square in Rome and lastly a date so special for Retamar which is October 10th, the day that commemorates the opening of the school 48 years ago. Over the next week we will have films, talks, exhibitions and sports competitions to remind us of these days that are so important to Retamar.

Colegio : In gratitude
on 29.09.14 (113 reads)

We feel we must thank all of the families, pupils, teachers and past pupils who in one way or another took part in the beatification of the now Blessed Álvaro del Portillo. We can safely say that we all shared some wonderful moments over the last weekend that will be hard to forget.

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